The Evolution of the Biomagnetic Pair

What is The Biomagnetic Pair (BMP)?

Two magnets of different polarities (north and south) are placed on related points over the body, for a designated period of time, that causes the balancing of the body’s bioelectrics. This enables the body’s immune system to eliminate pathogens, treat dysfunctional glands and organs, and complex and chronic diseases that include degenerative, autoimmune, metabolic, psycho-emotional, tumoral, genetic disease, and poisonings.  

Who Discovered the Biomagnetic Pair?  

Dr. Isaac Goiz discovered this work in 1988, the same year his son, Dr. David Goiz, was born, who has now inherited the continued practice, research, and teachings.  

In 1988, Dr. Isaac Goiz attended a colleague’s training session, Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, demonstrating how he discovered that placing a magnet at certain points on the body caused the right leg to shorten for about 20 seconds. It was Dr. Isaac Goiz who brilliantly realized that one polarity magnet was not enough to generate a reaction – that a magnet of the opposite polarity was also needed.  

It was during this time that a neighbor of Dr. Isaac Goiz said he was diagnosed with AIDS and was told he was dying. He asked Dr. Goiz if he could help him. Dr. Goiz replied, “Well, let’s try.” Dr. Goiz removed a pair of very strong magnets from his son’s audio speakers to do the work. This man is still alive and well today, practicing the Biomagnetic Pair.

Dr. Goiz continues to honor Dr. Broeringmeyer’s work as the first generation of the Biomagnetic Pair.

Dr. Goiz teaches that one BMP session can cause a “domino effect” that can last up to a year after the treatment. Therefore, a person can feel better and better over time. The changes can occur immediately, during the treatment, days, weeks, or months later.

Dr. Goiz also predicts that the Biomagnetic Pair will be used as preventative medicine. Everyone should schedule appointments at least two or three times a year to clear the body and balance their bioelectrics. The Biomagnetic Pair is for everyone.

Rachel Shea, certified by the Biomagnetism Research Institute (BRI), studied under both Dr. Isaac Goiz and his son, Dr. David Goiz, attending several week-long, intense training sessions across the country.  

Please see “Links” below to learn more about the Biomagnetic Pair and its founder.

The Biomagnetic Pair taught in graduate schools:

The Biomagnetic Pair technique is now being offered as a graduate study at Universities in mostly the Spanish speaking countries. The research is now being carried out by the graduate students and the Biomagnetism Research Institute (BRI).


Pathogens include virus, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Dr. Goiz teaches that pathogens have a very distinct relationship to each other in the body. They create their own balanced ecosphere supporting each other, equalizing the acidic and alkaline pathogen ratio.

Herxheimer/Healing Crisis/Die-off:

Most definitions of this reaction state that the body is detoxifying and that it is a sign that targeted pathogens have been eliminated creating toxins in the body that need to be removed. In working with the medical intuitive, we have been shown that this reaction occurs anytime an abrupt, significant chemical change in the body occurs. It does not necessarily mean that the targeted pathogen(s) was/were the cause and that they are/were necessarily in the body. It could also simply mean that the treatment changed the chemistry in the body severely enough to trigger the immune system to cause such a reaction.

The Evolution of the Biomagnetic Pair:

Rachel’s work with the Biomagnetic Pair has evolved fundamentally over the last three years. Since the summer of 2015, working with a medical intuitive has been instrumental, enabling a significant shift in the work, deepening on many levels, as new protocols are developed. The focus is no longer targeting pathogens. The entire body is addressed, creating balance and alignment of the emotional, psychological, spiritual, energetic and physical bodies. Occasionally, a pathogen is targeted depending on many variables. Borrelia, which causes Lyme, is one pathogen that is regularly targeted.

There has been discovery that we do not have to target pathogens for them to be eliminated from the body which can avoid any noticeable Herxheimer reaction.   If the body is in alignment and balanced, the pathogens cannot remain. The reason the disease has been allowed to enter the body is because of this misalignment, this imbalance. Emotions play a major role in how disease is able to enter the body. As an example, trauma, not properly processed, causes emotional blockages that create the openings for the pathogens to enter the body and these obstructions interfere with the healing process. This work addresses those emotions.

Chronic Lyme Disease:

It has been shown to Rachel that Lyme comes to change a person’s life and to accelerate the evolution of the thymus gland, thus making our immune system stronger. Borrelia is the pathogen that causes Lyme disease. It is a very slow growing bacterium therefore it does not cause an abrupt chemical change in the body that sounds off the immune system response. Borrelia is also able to hide its antigen from our immune system therefore enabling it to continue growing for a very long period of time, without noticeable symptoms.

From Rachel’s experience, there is a point when this slow-growing Borrelia causes an opening for numerous co-infections to enter the body and create many different symptoms. These co-infections are not always detected in the body’s fluids. Rachel believes it is these co-infections that are responsible for many of the symptoms assumed to be caused by Borrelia.  

There are several well-known co-infections of Borrelia and there are many more that are seen in this work. These co-infections are also addressed in the work of the Biomagnetic Pair.

The developed protocols for Lyme include special protocols for eliminating Borrelia in its active pairs and in its cyst form, causing very little, if any, Herxheimer reactions. Some of the clients have reported that they are not even feeling more fatigue after a session. Timing of results is dependent on many variables usually correlating to how long the individual has been suffering from this disease and the individual’s frame of mind. Those who have been seriously affected by this disease, giving rise to significant pain and suffering, may initially experience short periods of relief and then the return of symptoms until the next treatment session. These short periods of relief usually lengthen with each treatment.

Treatment for Lyme with the Biomagnetic Pair should ideally begin with as-close-as-possible to weekly sessions for approximately four appointments and a follow-up during the fifth appointment soon afterward. All the damage from the pathogens compromises the body’s health. Therefore, it is important that the client return for monitoring sessions, increasing the span between appointments depending on symptoms and how the individual client is feeling. Please know that more appointments could be needed if the client has been ill for many years.

Lyme Versus Borrelia and the Emotional Aspects:

The term Lyme sometimes includes not only the pathogen that causes Lyme, Borrelia, but also all its co-infections.  

It is important not to identify with this disease, or become this disease as some would believe. Please refrain from speaking of symptoms as “My Lyme symptoms.” The emotional aspects of this disease are far reaching and can interfere with the healing process. We must always be careful with our chosen words.

Scheduling an Appointment:

To schedule an appointment, please go to the website at Select the radio button, “Schedule an Appointment.” You will be forwarded to the Full Slate website: You can also go directly to the Full Slate website. There, you can schedule and manage your appointments.  

Select “Biomagnetic Pair Technique” where you will then be able to choose an available appointment. If, at any time, there are no available slots that you can schedule, please contact Rachel by email (, text, or a phone call (802-552-7101) to schedule an appointment outside of appointed times. If you send a text message, please identify yourself first since only a phone number is displayed in the text.

For the session, especially during the warm months of the year, please bring a pair of socks with you if you are not wearing any.

Directions and Treatment at 207 Berlin Street in Montpelier:

Coming from downtown, the yellow building is located on the right, set back from the road and easy to miss. Especially during the winter months, please park in front of the first garage bay, if available. If not, park in the parking area closest to the road, pulling up to the grass to allow easier maneuvering in the parking area.

Enter the building at the entrance closest to the garage, where the Bright Gnome is situated. Here you will be able to leave muddy/snowy boots. If you like, you can bring indoor footwear to walk on the floors. Take your personal items with you. Knock on the door to the right where you will be greeted.

The Session:

The treatment room is quiet and kept very warm during the cold Vermont months. The session itself can last from 60 to 90 minutes, or longer, depending on how many Biomagnetic Pairs are treated. You will be asked to remove any belts, large jewelry, battery operated watches, anything that will interfere with the magnetic work. Cell phones should be turned off.

During treatment, you will be asked to remain quiet and relatively still. From Rachel, you will receive complete focus, necessary for the work. Please ask questions before or after the treatment.

Payment can be cash or check made out to, “Rachel Shea.” The cost of a session is listed at