About Rachel

Rachel Shea, after raising her four children, received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland. She also completed graduate studies in System Engineering and worked as a Software and System Engineer in the Aerospace and Internet Security arenas. The ramifications of 9/11 precipitated a change in career, and she chose to study massage therapy and energy medicine. Rachel retired after six years of working as a massage therapist/energy practitioner.

Three years later, after being introduced to The Biomagnetic Pair, Rachel Shea came out of retirement to help her daughter who had been suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease for 15 years, and whose health has vastly improved. Rachel is BRI (Biomagnetism Research Institute) certified by both Dr. Isaac Goiz and his son, Dr. David Goiz.  

Rachel Shea has been working mostly with those who have suffered with Lyme, as well as with others. She practiced biomagnetism for almost two years as a traditional biomagnetist, following the protocols taught by Dr. Goiz. Then something changed in her sessions.  

A Guidance came in, redirecting the focus of the work from targeting pathogens and dysfunctions to balancing the entire terrain, the bioelectrics, that includes neutralizing emotions held in the body. This approach allows the whole body to heal itself on a deeper level, as a unit, reducing and/or eliminating a severe chemical change in the body that causes the Herxheimer reaction.

This Biomagnetic Pair treatment continues to evolve with the addition of several Guides that work with Rachel along with the bi-monthly mentoring of a Medical Intuitive. Together, the “Medical Team,” as they are called, tenaciously works with all clients perpetuating the goal to completely restore well-being.